Kaukolu can be queried and contacted through an XML-RPC API. This is for developers who wish to contact a running kaukoluwiki server and remotely trigger functions.

We use XML-RPC for communication, a nice and simple protocol. There is helpful documentation at about the xml-rpc api.

The classes used as XML-RPC handlers are here:

We have different XML-RPC implementations so we may not support the normal JSPWiki RPC methods''' Refer to your web.xml file where the class com.ecyrd.jspwiki.xmlrpc.RPCServlet is registered - there the actual XML-RPC implementation handler is selected (from multiple available ones). Look at the registered class - its methods you can call.

To contact a running kaukoluwiki server, try thise addresses (assuming we run on localhost):

A simple example using Apache's XML-RPC client to contact kaukolu:

XmlRpcClient client = new XmlRpcClient("http://localhost:8080/kaukolu/RPC2/");
Vector params = new Vector();
Object result = client.execute("wiki.getRPCVersionSupported", params);
System.out.println(result.getClass().getName()+" - "+result);
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