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Welcome to Kaukolu Wiki!

About Kaukolu

Kaukolu is a Java-JSP-based Semantic Wiki that manages its data by using Semantic Web tools.

The main reason for developing such a Semantic Wiki was the fact that most Web pages lack machine-readable semantics, i.e., means to include the meaning of a certain piece of data in a formalized representation. This is the reason why automated integration of knowledge and reasoning over this knowledge is not possible yet.

A means was needed to create web pages that include semantic information. This was the main reason for creating Kaukolu. It is a Wiki that uses methods of the Semantic Web to bridge the gap between Semantics and the WWW.

Kaukolu is a fork of the existing JSPWiki by Janne Jalkanen. Whereas JSPWiki uses text files as its backend, Kaukolu keeps its data in an RDF store. Kaukolu uses Sesame 2 as its RDF repository.

Main Features

  • Semantic Annotations can be created in two ways:
    • Using a form-based editor, you can annotate arbitrary sections of a wiki page (may be as small as single characters) using instances of RDFS classes.
    • You can link a word of natural language to a resource (an URI). The intention of this is to create keywords whose occurrence in the markup of a wiki page triggers Kaukolu to create corresponding RDF statements. Ontology-driven interactive autocompletion is available for this kind of annotations.
  • The RDF graph formed by annotations can be used for navigation. You can switch back and forth between standard wiki pages and browsing the RDF graph formed by their annotations.
  • Support for importing and exporting RDF(S).
  • RDF backend for page storage.

For a more detailed list of Kaukolu's semantic features, see KaukoluWalkthrough.

Extensions to JSPWiki

While working on Kaukolu, we have developed several features that -- while not directly related to Kaukolu's semantic features -- go beyond the functionality offered by JSPWiki. Some of these are in use with standard JSPWiki installations.

Features compatible with standard JSPWiki:

  • LDAPUserDatabase - authorization using an LDAP server
  • EmailNotifier - flexible wiki change notification via e-mail
  • Versioned page rename/delete (requires lots of changes though)
  • Bulk import/export feature allowing to import page and attachment data to/from a ZIP archive, either in native JSPWiki syntax or in Wiki Interchange Format
  • "Remember me" button for the login page (cookie based login), which allows user sessions to outlive the server process


Kaukolu is a research prototype.

Kaukolu is being adapted for the Mymory project. The idea is to annotate pages with attention information gathered by an eyetracker as well as adding user context information gathered by a context elicitation system to the wiki (these systems are not available as open source though). These annotations can then be used for enhancing search and new dynamic documents functionality.

Kaukolu was part of the NEPOMUK social semantic desktop project. Due to refactorings in the project, integration currently is not present anymore. However, we are working on that.


Do not get confused by the wiki you are currently looking at - this wiki implementation is part of the OpenDFKI infrastructure which is based on Trac, a project management software.

Currently, we have no public demo site for Kaukolu. Stay tuned.


Kaukolu is an open source project, you are welcome to contribute. For an introdcution to our development environment, see DocumentationForDeveloping.


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