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Welcome to Kaukolu Wiki!


About Kaukolu

Kaukolu is a Java-JSP-based Semantic Wiki that manages its data by using Semantic Web tools.

The main reason for developing such a Semantic Wiki was the fact that most Web pages lack machine-readable semantics, i.e., means to include the meaning of a certain piece of data in a formalized representation. This is the reason why automated integration of knowledge and reasoning over this knowledge is not possible yet.

A means was needed to create web pages that include semantic information. This was the main reason for creating Kaukolu. It is a Wiki that uses methods of the Semantic Web to bridge the gap between Semantics and the WWW.

Main Features

  • Semantic Annotations that link a word of natural language to a resource (an URI) can be created. The intention of this is to create keywords whose occurrence in the markup of a wiki page triggers Kaukolu to create corresponding RDF statements.

Technical Details

Kaukolu is a fork of the existing JSPWiki by Janne Jalkanen. Whereas JSPWiki uses text files as its backend, Kaukolu keeps its data in an RDF store.

Kaukolu uses Sesame 2 as its RDF repository.


A rewrite has been done as part of the Semantic Desktop-Praktikum 2005/2006 (see RoadMap). Installation instructions. KaukoluWalkthrough.


Do not get confused by the wiki you are currently looking at - this wiki implementation is part of the OpenDFKI infrastructure which is based on Trac, a project management software.

Currently, we have no public demo site for Kaukolu. Stay tuned.

Contributions to the JSPWiki community


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