Design Thoughts

  • Currently, clicking on the URIs displayed in the relations plugin mostly leads to a 404 (since URIs are displayed, not URLs)
    • Kaukolu should catch this and display information about the URI
  • In gnowsis, several pimo:things can share the same name. Therefore, it should be possible to look up pages via their URIs, not their names.

Displaying pages via URI, not via name

The jsp for such display may be different (ViewURI.jsp) and it will take a new parameter. So instead of View.jsp?name=SandBox it will be:

opening kaukolu with uri of internal sites:

opening kaukolu with uri of gnowsis resources:

To do this:

Example program flow for Page Info:

  • webdocs/PageInfo.jsp (create engine and context)
  • template/ViewTemplate.jsp (menus, header, footer, breadcrumbs...) => wiki:Content tag
  • src/ selects proper .jsp for context (InfoContent.jsp)
  • template/InfoContent.jsp

Display logic:

  • Render standard wiki page if URI is of type WikiPage
  • Display the properties of the resource otherwise.
  • Think of a way to use plugins to display non-wikipage resources: TODO.

Adaptions to

  • during all operations, read in the passed WikiPage first if the URI is defined. If WikiPage.getURI() = null, use the wiki-url creator and the name.
  • Everything has to have a URI, the current hack of using gnowsis to create things and then add the wikitext is weird.
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