The triple store

The triple store is like an extension to the SesameProvider and its main task is to manage the triples (or statements) that are extracted from wiki pages. When a page is saved and the triple parsing feature of the SesameProvider is activated (jspwiki.sesameProvider.parseTriples = true), the provider passes the text and the pagename to the triple store. This will now invoke the triple parser to extract triples from the text and store it in its sesame RDF backend.

Triples are stored as RDF statements, that are reified with the page resource. The triple store offers various methods to retrieve information from the stored triples, like raw RDF/XML, the triples itself or autocompletion suggestions based on ontologies.

RDFS inferencing

To provide a useful Autocompletion the TripleStore stacks an RDFS inferencing layer on the repository, that is not stored permanently. (This may change, if it turns out to be too slow to inference the whole repository on startup.)

I just found out, that the Sesame inferencer MemoryStoreRDFSInferencer doesn't work the way, we assumed. Even worse, there seems to be no other (easy) efficient way to provide the kind of inferencing, we want/need. I already have an idea, how to implement some kind of inferencing, but that has low priority. If you need this feature really urgently, just notify us, we will do what we can.

Note: Gnowsis HAS an inferencing repository, so if you are using kaukoluwiki inside Gnowsis, there's nothing you have to worry about.

To activate triple parsing, you have to set

jspwiki.sesameProvider.parseTriples = true

You must specify the place where to store the triples. The path is relative to the engine.

jspwiki.sesameProvider.nativeTripleDataDir = data/triples.nativestore

Currently there is only support for native sail, but this will most likely change for Gnowsis support.

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