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This plugin displays statements as created using semantic wiki syntax. This allows you to browse the RDF graph for statements created manually (by the user) or automatically (by the machine) for a particular wiki page. Clicking on resources in these statements will open a summary page about the selected resource. It gives further insight about what pages reference the given resource, a list of statements in which it appears, and its respective role (subject, predicate, object). For more details, see DisplayUriInfo.

After writing your statements and saving the page, the statements will appear in a 'Relations' box wherever you included the plugin (here on the left hand side):

Insert this code for the plugin to appear on a page. If you include it in the LeftMenu page of the wiki, it will appear on every page (recommended).


Developer Documentation

See source:

Design Thoughts

All triples referring to resources mentioned on this page might be displayed, too.

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