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Pending Work Packages

  • More flexible RDF data handling
    • Allow attaching RDF data to pages (without using SemanticWikiSyntax)
    • Add text annotation features ("Paragraph X is-about-topic Y")
    • Create plugin API
  • Search/Query interface
    • in standard search ("Show pages with instances of classes xyz")
    • in plugins
  • (Enhanced) RDFS support
    • Support Protégé extensions for cardinality checking
    • Support Protégé display slots
    • Support RDF to XHTML/Wikimarkup translation (perhaps using fresnel or RxLT)
    • Implement ad-hoc instance generator
  • Page attributes
    • DoNotLinkHere - do not treat this page's title as WikiWord. This is especially useful with DisplayToolTip. The page is still accessible, but if the word is used on a page, it's not transformed into a link.
    • DisplayToolTip:"This is my page" - display tooltip for links to this page. May be combined with DoNotLinkHere. In this case you only see the tooltip containing the content of this page, but you don't get a link to the page. This is useful if the page wouldn't contain lots of text. Use case: mini-info such as room/telephone number for homepages.
    • DisambiguationMenu:Page1,Page2 - display a JavaScript menu when clicking on a link to this page, leading to Page1 or Page2. Use case: project pages ad-hoc navigation menus.
  • Auto-link to page titles: During save, take all page-names of wiki pages and see if the page-names appear in the wiki markup text. If the page-name appears, and the user forgot to put the brackets around, automatically put the brackets around the page-name in the wiki-markup. So the user doesn't have to manually do the brackets all the time. Use case: User enters 'Sauermann is great' and there is a wiki-page named 'Sauermann' then the text is changed to '(Sauermann) is great'.

Finished Work Packages

  • Searching for external semantic desktop resources: Resources from the semantic desktop can be integrated to the wiki using a little search box or some AJAX code. The idea is, that I can link to any resource I have on my desktop computer, in the ScenarioSemanticDesktop. The user interface will start an AJAX query against a documented Gnowsis search service and show the results, allowing the user to put any resource into the wiki text during editing mode.
  • RDFS support
    • Load/edit RDFS ontologies (= create a page that lists all the schema's triples? see RdfsImporter)
    • Use the schema for triple/predicate proposals (see Autocompletion)
    • Support RDF to XHTML/Wikimarkup translation (perhaps using fresnel or RxLT)
    • Implement ad-hoc instance generator
  • Category system: Every wiki page may belong to one or more categories. Every category may have one or more supercategories. An (interactively collapsable/expandable) category hierarchy should be displayed in a sidebar. Category manipulations (add/rename/reparent/remove category, add/remove parent category relationships) and wiki page assignments (add/remove displayed wiki page to/from category) should be made in the sidebar. Storage of the category system information does not matter now but should ultimatively use the RDF Backend and use SKOS vocabulary so take this into account when designing the plugin. A start has been made with plugin/MenuTree*.java.
  • Microcontent: Research on and implement a way to handle microcontent gracefully. See TiddlyWiki for an example.
    • It should be possible to create custom views of several pages dynamically (e.g., click on a link => new page/paragraph gets opened without reloading at the top of the current page) -- use case: lightweight presentations.
    • Support for creating wiki pages that include other pages/paragraphs (similar to MediaWiki: Provide a separate edit link for each paragraph but in contrast handle page inclusion transparently) -- use case: personalized views. Microcontent page.
  • Mail notification plugin: Write a plugin that allows users or user groups to get notified by mail if certain wiki pages are changed.
    • Subscriptions should be possible to parts of the category tree or based on other criteria, not only to single pages or the complete wiki.
    • Change notifications should get sent only on major changes or configurable on page save ((*) Send mail notification to colleages).
    • Suggest changelog messages based on the diff's content.


The resulting code will be used in two different scenarios.

  • ScenarioSemanticDesktop: Kaukoluwiki is used as private wiki on the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop. It integrates with other Desktop RDF databases and can be used as a personal wiki/weblogging tool. Pages created in the wiki can contribute to the RDF data of the semantic desktop. TODO: How to link to files? (Moritz)
  • ScenarioGroupWiki: Kaukoluwiki is installed on a server for a group of researchers at DFKI. The researchers use Kaukoluwiki to note down best practices and tips in the wiki. Pages about projects and material. Linking to external resources is also wanted, the homepages of the researchers or files on a UNIX share are possible candidates for linking.
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