Repository Directory Structure

Project Website Guidelines

  • Tracking the project's process and roadmap should be easy
  • The project's documentation and code should be in English

Coding Guidelines

  • The project should be aligned with the original JSPWiki codebase
    • Changes to original JSPWiki code should be kept minimal (no reformatting or refactoring!)
    • Own (new) functionality should be implemented in own packages (de.opendfki.kaukoluwiki)
  • Code comments
    • Use JavaDoc! Writing one-line method comments but not using JavaDoc syntax is pointless
    • Be verbose for variable/method names, especially in method signatures
    • Whenever a method is longer than a few lines, use // comments within the method
    • Do not check in large blocks of commented-out (old) code - committed code is meant to be clean!
  • Coding style
    • Use JSPWiki coding standard
    • When in doubt, use CTRL-F code formatting in Eclipse but be sure not to reformat code that has been checked in already (as this breaks SVN diffs) - mark the parts of your code that you want to reformat.
  • JUnit testing
    • create JUnit tests for your classes and see that your classes are testable, whereever possible.
    • run all JUnit tests before each report day (friday) and care that they work
  • Subversion usage
    • Always take a look at the diffs before committing! - use svn diff or Eclipse's synchronization view
    • The commit message should reflect the changes displayed by svn diff
    • One bugfix/one feature = one commit (no unrelated changes in one commit)
    • Latest SVN should be usable in any case
      • Commit often but do not commit broken code as this complicates work for both other coders and users
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