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User Documentation

You can link other wikipages via so called microlinks. Those links are marked with a small black arrow. If you click on such a link, the content of the linked paged will appear below the link. This is useful if the page linked is so small that integration in the current is the better option.

Usage: If you want to microlink to the page TestPage, write the following line: [{INSERT de.opendfki.kaukoluwiki.plugin.MicroLink page=TestPage}]

In addition to the page parameter you can also give some extra parameters:

  • edit=true - this displays an edit link right next to the microlink. Clicking on this link allows you to edit the microlinked page.
  • section=n - microlink only the n-th section. Sections are separated by ----
  • show=true - the microlinked page already appears on the referencing page. That means you don't have to click on the link. It's basically the same function that the InsertPagePlugin plugin provides.

[{INSERT de.opendfki.kaukoluwiki.plugin.MicroLink page=TestPage show=true section=3}]
This embeds the third section of TestPage on the referencing page.

Developer Documentation

The feature is implemented as a plugin (see de.opendfki.kaukoluwiki.plugin.MicroLink) and should theoretically work in JSPWiki, not only in kaukolu.

When a microlink is used, it is translated to some javascript code by the page renderer. Basically each link gets its own little javascript function and a corresponding <div> element. If you click on the link, the current htmlsession and the id of the link are transmitted to the server via DWR (Direct Web Remoting), a java AJAX library. The page contents are fetched at the server and sent back to a callback javascript function on the client which fills the <div> element with the return value. The content is now visible. If you click on the link again or on the little close icon, the <div> element becomes hidden.


  • write javadoc, clean up code
  • check that there is no security hole. i.e. make sure that the client can't access pages he's not supposed to see.
  • Make the frames around the icons disappear. They appear only on Firefox, not on Opera or Internet Explorer.
  • 2 microlinks in one row on the same line cause a stack error. fix that. maybe this happens with other plugins too?


  • recursion doesn't work yet
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