Random ideas

  • use navigation paradigm similar to TiddlyWiki
    • dynamic pane content - not only wiki pages but...
      • search
      • structured data/annotations
      • editors
      • query results
    • clean interface between frontend and backend!
  • integration of other tools
    • LOXtractor
    • iDocument
    • LeCoOnt
    • interfaces to NEPOMUK and Mymory
  • transition from tags to concepts
    • check: what information can importers generate?
    • redesign modelling of tags
    • iDocument supplies proper PIMO instances
  • using structured data and tags for navigation and (simple) search
    • dynamically adjusting sibling panes?
    • cloning workspace to other tab?
  • Context and attention metadata, comments, license annotations (Mymory)

Thesis topics

  • Seamless navigation in structured and unstructured information spaces
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