E-Mail Notifier

The e-mail notifier is a Kaukolu/JSPWiki plugin that allows users to subscribe to a set of wiki pages. If these pages are modified, notifications containing a summary of the changes and a link to the changed wiki page are sent by e-mail.


  • Users can subscribe to individual pages and/or sets of pages (patterns such as "Meeting*" are supported)
    • on every page there is a "(un)subscribe" button
    • clicking this button appends an include/exclude expression to the user's pattern list
    • users can edit their subscription pattern list directly on the notifier plugin configuration page
    • so patterns such as "+*,-SandBox" which subscribe to all pages except SandBox are possible
  • e-mail addresses notifications are sent to are taken from user profiles
  • Non-users may be notified by special expressions on a page
    • write on any page and gets notified of every change of that page
  • e-mails are sent via an SMTP server
    • SMTP Auth is supported


  • Works with Kaukolu / JSPWiki 2.4


None - pull sources directly from SVN:


  • Download java files/xstream lib
  • Build/deploy war
  • see readme.txt for further information
  • note that the user you are logged in as needs admin/AllPermissions in order to see the notication component's settings.


None (officially ;-).

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