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For a given URI used in some vocabulary, a summary page can be viewed displaying information about all occurrences of that URI across the wiki page repository.

There are basically two ways to reach this summary page:

  1. By clicking the URI-link in a statement as visualized by StatementVisualizationPlugin
  2. By entering the URI into the address line of the browser directly(*)

(*) For this to work, the URI must start with http://onto.* . Of course, you must setup your server environment so that your Kaukolu installation is reachable over these URLs. Additionally, if a static resource exists at the given URL, it will be served instead of being fed as an argument to the summary page.

For example, clicking on the 'knows'-URI in the statement <Paul> <knows> <Paula> on a page 'Triples', the summary page may look like this:

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