Requirements by parties

Things Kaukolu users expect from Budva

  • Standard wiki features
    • Wiki pages with JSPWiki markup syntax
    • Versioning
    • File attachments
    • Access control / Authentication
    • E-mail notifications
    • Page hierarchy for navigation
  • Current Kaukolu features
    • Ontology import/export (= subgraph export)
    • Instance data import/export

Mymory requirements for Kaukolu/Budva

  • Annotating wiki pages with context/other information
    • Import and annotate other documents, too?
  • Build context-dependent abstracts ("Build a list of all paragraphs dealing with topic X I wrote in context Y that have not yet been published")

Gnowsis requirements for Kaukolu/Budva

  • Use Gnowsis store as backend, use PIMO-based wiki page RDF Schema

Things Hyena users expect from Budva

  • Partition the RDF data into subgraphs.
  • Mask-based RDF editing, that edits tree-like structures (similar to XML editors).

Things Wikked users expect from Budva

  • Wiki pages shouldn't be monolithic, but be constructable from small pieces (compare: tiddlywiki), by queries etc.

Requirements by components


  • Wiki pages with JSPWiki markup syntax
    • Solution: standard extension mechanisms (vodules...)
  • Versioning
    • Solution: external store for page text]
  • File attachments
    • Solution: directory in hyenaDir where files are stored?
  • Access control / Authentication
    • Solution: ???
  • E-mail notifications
    • Solution: if editing is performed by vodule: easy (vodule sends the email); otherwise: to be discussed
  • Page hierarchy for navigation (see BudvaRepositoryOrganization)
  • Simple access to RDF editing whenever Budva is in wiki mode.

RDF Storage and Editing

  • Organization of repository (see BudvaRepositoryOrganization)
  • Ontology import/export (= subgraph export)
  • Instance data import/export
  • Named graphs (called "subgraphs" in Budva)
  • Reference external RDF data (e.g. stored in files)

Integrating External Data

  • Versioned Wiki pages
  • Arbitrary documents (to annotate them?)
  • Web pages using RDFa
  • Java source code
  • Gnowsis store

Import/Export, Data Formats to Support

  • Ontologies
  • Instances
  • RDFa
  • Microformats
  • PIMO-based wiki page RDF Schema


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