Backend functionality requirements

Frontend ideas/requirements

  • View/navigate/browse resource
    • Views should cascade
      • example: resource "Paul" points to another resource, his birthdate
    • Simple transition to edit mode
      • but no "edit" buttons all over the place (display onmouseover?)
    • Breadcrumbing
      • Browsing resources/walking through resources should not require closing the currently viewed resource
    • Heavily use tooltips
      • esp. interesting for wikis for disambiguation of hyperlinks
    • Provide good interface for backlinks
      • Ideas needed here.
  • Edit resource
  • Create resource
  • Find resource
    • Quick browser for...
      • providing RDF objects for instance-valued properties
        • create new resource on the fly in quick browser
      • finding properties/classes
    • Simple search support (going though long lists/trees without CTRL-F is no fun)
    • Search should find natural resources, not RDF resources
      • e.g., search for a date should find movies, persons, ..., not instances of Date
  • Provide context for search results
    • A snippet to display for a full text search hit that explains why the resource has been found
  • Features should scale
    • No "all known resources" lists which get loaded en bloc into the frontend
  • Get short resource description
    • Label
    • Property-based fingerprint
    • Adjustable verbosity (compare to 3D "level of detail" features :-)
    • Can be used for cascaded viewing and tooltips
  • Advanced search
  • (Natural) resource viewer/listing
    • Support for restrictions (what resources to show in list)
    • Support for different views (show labels, show fingerprint, show icon, show abstract, show complete contents => just as known from file browser)
    • Integrate advanced search here?

Object-Oriented Resource Access

[Budva component: WrappedNodeComponent]

List of frontend components

  • Wiki markup viewer/editor
    • Dojo's rich text editor?
    • Server-supported autocompletion support
    • Annotations for text passages
  • Search box
  • Quick browser
    • Faceted browsing?

APIs for components/vodules

  • ...
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